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Unless otherwise stated, the downloads offered here are all our own work


Spreadsheets are intended for Microsoft Excel 2003, but they may retain some / all functionality in other programs such as LibreOffice Calc

Wordprocessor documents are intended for Microsoft Word 2003, but they may retain some / all functionality in other programs such as LibreOffice Writer


No Brainer (TM) Profit Forecaster - use this to plan your business startup's projected growth in minute detail. Currency inflation isn't accounted for. This is a bit of a beast! It could save you a lot of money, by telling you if your startup is viable or not.
Manual for No Brainer (TM) Profit Forecaster
Stock Negotiator - to help determine your stock purchases prices - this is a simplified version of the Auction Spreadsheet, for dealing with a single stock item

eBay & Amazon Profit Calculators - to help establish eBay and Amazon pricing and profits for the same stock item, across multiple quantities, keyed to selling via eBay auction format, eBay Buy It Now format, Amazon non-subscription, and Amazon Pro Merchant Subscription

Expenses spreadsheet - to record your outgoings
Manual for Expenses spreadsheet

Sales spreadsheet - to record your sales and issue various types of invoice. This is truly fantastic! Best to copy and paste the finished invoices into the invoice template files in .doc format (see Invoice, to print a finalised invoice.
Manual for Sales spreadsheet
Invoice - some invoice templates, with instructions on how to paste data from the Sales spreadsheet. Before downloading, please ensure you have installed the following fonts: Garamond Regular, Garamond Bold, Garamond Italic, Junius Regular, Junius Bold, Junius Italic, and Junius Rough
Prep Sheet for Sales & Courier Expenses - this is just a temporary preliminary order fulfilment notepad for collating all your sales data - useful for having everything in one place, and for stripping the formatting off pasted text, so that you are ready to paste elsewhere during your order fulfilment process - address labels - 8 to an A4 sheet and 2 to an A4 sheet (the latter giving 2 x A5 labels). The 8-label version comes with a blank version for you to paste customer addresses - first print the background onto the 8-label A4 sheet, then print over the same sheet with your customer addresses whenever you make a sale - no need to wait for 8 different customers so that you can print the labels all at once, just print your addresses as and when, the unused background labels will remain unused on the same page!


Melody from Main Page - downtempo version


Operating System List (2015) - a list of interesting operating systems, mostly non-Linux
Quiz spreadsheet - scorekeeps for a quiz with up to 20 contestants, where the first correct answer gets 3 points, second 2 points, third 1 point, but there's the option to assign double points or even triple points to a question due to its severity, and bonus points can be awarded ad hoc; the scores are presented both in vertical or horizontal format, in ascending order